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After they were defeated, their remains were recovered by the Paradigm City science division and the relevant parts re-assembled. The Megadeushowever, lacked a memory core. Ultimately, this vital component was disregarded, and Big Fau was activated and piloted by Rosewater.

During the first battle against the Union Megadeus BonaparteAlex controlled the Big, allowing him to destroy Bonaparte with ease. Once Bonaparte was vanquished, however, Big Fau's dorsal beams disobeyed Alex's orders and began to attack the domes.

Ye Not" before shutting down. Dorothy's memory core, finally completing Fau and allowing it to declare Rosewater "Not Guilty. Fau is also the only known Megadeus to fuse with its pilot, Rosewater, via a series of cables plugged into its pilot's back - although Big O attempted to do the same with Roger, and Big Duo killed Alan Gabriel with the message "Ye Guilty".

Judging by Big Fau's streamlined appearance, its turbine wrists, its ability to travel effortlessly through the water, its conning tower-shaped head as well as a conning tower on its back, and the flexible periscope-like laser cannons on its back, it is likely that Big Fau units were used primarily for naval combat, functioning as heavily armed amphibious craft, and providing water support for the Big O land units and Big Duo air units.

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Big Fau may be a reference to Frankenstein's Monster because of its long head and bolt-like ears, as well as the nature of its reconstruction. The primary weapons are the turbines mounted just below its hands, known as "Saw Cuffs". When activated, the turbines could grind through practically any material or even allow Big Fau to drill its fist straight through an opponent's body. The fists themselves could also spin, giving the megadeus' punches an incredible amount of destructive power.

These turbines also signify its extraordinary ability to swim underwater. Big Fau can fire its arms at an opponent, the turbines drilling through any obstacle before detonating the warheads.

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Eye lasers can be shot from the eyes of Big Fau. They have a long range and can be used for a cutting device. A pair of heavy laser cannons are mounted in its shoulders. They can shoot for a long distance but are blocked by plasma gimmick of Big O. They can also be used even if Big Fau is severely damaged as long as part of cannons are intact. A pair of laser projectors that extend on flexible periscope-like extensions from its back can shoot long range lasers rapidly.

They are less destructive than arc line, but excel in destroying smaller objects. Big Fau can also detect enemies behind it without turning around and the projectors can accurately shoot multiple targets behind it. A very powerful defense of Big Fau is its energy shield which can repel Big O's piston attacks, along with other missiles and lasers.

It does not tremendously drain the energy of Big Fau and does not exterminate objects around it, unlike Big O which annihilates a Hydra Eel with its plasma gimmick. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Dorothy Wayneright. Universal Conquest Wiki. Lifestyle Community-Wiki Mittelalter-Wiki.The writing staff was assembled by the series' head writer, Chiaki J. Konakawho is known for his work on Serial Experiments Lain and Hellsing.

The story takes place forty years after a mysterious occurrence causes the residents of Paradigm City to lose their memories. He provides this "much needed service" with the help of a robot named R. Dorothy Wayneright and his butler Norman Burg. When the need arises, Roger calls upon Big O, a giant relic from the city's past. The television series was designed as a tribute to Japanese and Western shows from the s and s. The series is presented in the style of film noir and combines themes of detective fiction and mecha anime.

The setpieces are reminiscent of tokusatsu productions of the s and s, particularly Toho 's kaiju movies, and the score is an eclectic mix of styles and musical homages. The English-language version premiered on Cartoon Network on April 2,and ended on April 18, Positive international reception resulted in a second season consisting of the remaining 13 episodes; co-produced by Cartoon Network, Sunrise, and Bandai Visual.

The Big O is set in the fictional city-state of Paradigm City [a].

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The city is located on a seacoast and is surrounded by a vast desert wasteland. The partially domed city is wholly controlled by the monopolistic Paradigm Corporationresulting in a corporate police state.

Paradigm is known as "The City of Amnesia" [b] because of forty years prior to the story, ""The Event" [c] destroyed the world outside the city and left the survivors without any prior memories. The city is characterized by severe class inequity; the higher-income population resides inside the more pleasant domes, with the remainder left in tenements outside.

Residents of the city believe that they are the last survivors of the world and no other nations exist outside the city. Androids and giant robots known as " Megadeus " coexist with the residents of Paradigm City and do not find them unusual. After failing to negotiate with terrorists at the cost of his client's life, Roger Smith is obligated to care for Dorothy Wayneright, a young female android. Over the course of the series, Roger Smith continues to accept negotiation work from the residents of Paradigm City, he often leads to uncovering the nature and mystery of Paradigm City and encountering megadeus or other giant enemies that require Big O.

Supporting characters are Angel, a mysterious woman in search of memories; Dan Dastun, chief of the military police of Paradigm city and old friend of Roger Smith; and Norman Burg, the butler of Roger Smith and mechanic of Big O.

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The main antagonist is Alex Rosewaterchairman of Paradigm City whose goal is to revive the megadeus "Big Fau" in attempts to become the god of Paradigm City. Other recurring antagonists are Jason Beck, criminal and con-artist attempting to humiliate Roger Smith; Schwarzwald, an ex-reporter obsessed with finding the truth of Paradigm City and also pilot of the megadeus "Big Duo"; Vera Ronstadt, leader of a group of foreigners known as the Union searching for memories and revenge against Paradigm City; and Allen Gabriel, a cyborg assassin working for Alex Rosewater and the Union.

The series ends with the awakening of a new megadeus, and the revelation that the world is a simulated reality. A climactic battle ensues between Big O and Big Fau, after which reality is systematically erased by the new megadeus, an incarnation of Angel, recognized as "Big Venus" by Dorothy.

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Roger implores Angel to "let go of the past" regardless of its existential reality, and focus only on the present and the future. In an isolated control room, the real Angel observes Roger and her past encounters with him on a series of television monitors.

On the control panel lies Metropolisa book featured prominently since the thirteenth episode; the cover features an illustration of angel wings and gives the author's name as "Angel Rosewater". Big Venus and Big O physically merge, causing the virtual reality to reset. The final scene shows Roger Smith driving down a restored Paradigm city with Dorothy and Angel observing him from the side of the road. Development of the retro -styled series began in Keiichi Sato came up with the concept of The Big O : a giant city-smashing robot, piloted by a man in black, in a Gotham -like environment.

He later met up with Kazuyoshi Katayama, who had just finished directing Those Who Hunt Elvesand started work on the layouts and character designs. But when things "were about to really start moving," production on Katayama's Sentimental Journey began, putting plans on hold.

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Meanwhile, Sato was heavily involved with his work on City Hunter. Sato admits it all started as "a gimmick for a toy" but the representatives at Bandai Hobby Division did not see the same potential. Inwith the designs complete, Chiaki J. Konaka was brought on as head writer. Among other things, Konaka came up with the idea of "a town without memory" and his writing staff put together the outline for a episodes series.

When the production staff was informed the series would be shortened to 13 episodes, the writers decided to end it with a cliffhangerhoping the next 13 episodes would be picked up.By calling the Megadeus 's name into his wristwatch, Roger says that it is "showtime". At times, Big O appears to have a mind of its own. When Roger is in danger of being killed in " R. The assassin questions Roger about who controls a Megadeus.

Dorothy is in danger. In " Enemy Is Another Big! Instead of blocky body parts, Sato designed a mecha where the chest and hips were not separate from the rest of the body. Big O is slow, lumbering, and heavy compared to more agile and lighter mecha featured in other anime series.

That way, movement would seem sluggish, comparable to the giants of old tokusatsu shows. Giant Ironman". The megadeuses are portrayed as semi-sentient beings, capable of acting on their own.

What they lack in agility, they offset with sheer power. The Megadeus's are heavily armed with weaponry like missiles, blade weapons, machine guns, and lasers. Unlike other mecha series, where the robot's weapons come from specifically designed equipment or spiritual energy, the creators of "The Big O" used older technologies as the starting point. The use of "Cast in the name of God, Ye not guilty" is a design of series director Kazuyoshi Katayama.

Katayama first learned of the phrase through a magazine article on John Milius and the "Conan the Barbarian" series. According to the article, the phrase comes from the swords of executioners in the 17th century.

A variation of the phrase "Suffer no guilt ye who wields this in the name of Crom" is engraved in Conan's sword. Katayama liked the sound of it and decided to use it as the call to arms.

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The nature of the megadeus is tied to the event 40 years prior. Several of Roger's dreams suggest that Big O and several other Big-type megadeuses played a part in the cataclysm that destroyed the world.

His dreams and nightmares show the Big models attacking the city and marching in formation into battle, while a winged giant oversees the onslaught.

Other flashbacks show Roger in a military uniform while piloting Big O.Adam David Ohriner January 18,is an American professional wrestler better known by his in ring name Big O and under his real name as Adam Ohriner. He is best known for his appearances on Z! He has been featured on WWE. Adam made his debut for the series in Episode 5 as The Big O and calling himself "Zack Ryder's new muscle", his body guard. The Big O would become a regular character in Z! He would also develop his own catchphrase "If you can't handle the heat, then get out of my O-Zone".

In late and earlyWWE would become more social media aware and would begin to revamp their YouTube channel and to get people to subscribe they decided that Zack Ryder would have to move Z! However, since it was still Zack Ryder's show, the Big O could still be a part of it. From then on in, The Big O was accompanied by Bayless and also begin an undefeated streak. Afterwards, Stockade turned on the Order of the Black by attacking Rex Lawless with a chair, saving the Big O from any more punishment.

At Tour De Circus, during the championship match, Appollyon charged at the Big O with the championship belt but struck the referee instead, when he turned around the Big O hit his finishing maneuver and went for the pin but the referee was knocked out, another referee ran down to the ring and the Big O successfully pinned Appollyon. After the match, the NYWC locker room emptied into the ring to celebrate the Big O's victory, however the celebration was cut short when the original referee came to and announced that the Big O had won via disqualification and therefore Appollyon retained the championship.

It was announced the following week on the July 4 episode of Impact that Adam was eliminated from the Gut Check challenge.

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Start a Wiki. Event history. Image gallery. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.The series charts the family's life in and out of the public sphere in their Salt Lake City suburb, as well as their associations with a fundamentalist compound in the area. Big Love received widespread critical acclaim, and earned several major awards and nominations throughout its run. Big Love was created by Mark V. Olsen and Will Schefferwho also served as executive producers. Olsen and Scheffer spent nearly three years researching the premise of the show, with the intent of creating a "fair, non-judgmental portrayal of polygamy in America.

The raid on Juniper Creek is reminiscent of the Short Creek raid in when Arizona state police and National Guard troops took action against polygamists in Colorado City. Many of the businesses owned by the UEB are similar to businesses owned by the Kingston Clananother Mormon fundamentalist church. The concept for the cable show was influenced by a article published in Utah on the Darger family who are Independent Fundamentalist Mormons.

The exterior scenes of the three homes that Bill owns were filmed on location on Shady Lane, in the small town of Fillmore, California. During the first three seasons, " God Only Knows ", by The Beach Boysplayed during the opening titles and at the end of the final episode at the end of the final season end of series 5. The musical score for the series was composed by Anton Sanko. Mark Mothersbaugh composed music for the first season, while David Byrne was in charge of music during the second season.

The theme song for the final two seasons of the series was "Home", by the band Engineers. Tensions rise within the family amidst the wives with the newly-introduced Margie, a former babysitter of Bill's and employee at his storeā€”as well as between Bill and Roman GrantNicolette's father, who is an influential patriarch and prophet of Juniper Creek, the fundamentalist compound where Nicolette and Bill were raised.

Bill and his associate Don Embry, also a polygamist, continue to dispute with Roman over business holdings in Home Plus. Roman is aided by his sociopathic teenage bride Rhonda Volmeras well as his son and Nicolette's elder brother Albya closeted homosexual and ardent follower of the United Effort Brotherhood UEBthe priesthood of Juniper Creek. Bill, who was shunned from Juniper Creek as a teenager, is devastated when he discovers that his shunning was not caused by his parents, Frank and Lois, but by Roman, who feared Bill would usurp the prophecy.

After deciding to follow through with her baptism, Margie discovers she is pregnant. Shortly after, Barb is awarded the title of "Mother of the Year" by the local government after daughter Teeny nominates her.

Flattered, Barb goes to attend the award ceremony at the governor's mansion, but is disqualified before the crowd when the judges are informed that she is a polygamist. After the family's exposure, Barb goes into seclusion, and Margie suspects their neighbors, Pam and Carl, were responsible.

Home Plus billboards are vandalized, and the tumult within the house results in Bill and Barb forgetting Nicki's anniversary, exacerbating tensions.

Barb decides to begin taking classes at the University of Utah to earn a Master's degree. At Juniper Creek, Bill's sister-in-law, Wanda, is tried by the community for attempting to poison Alby to death; Bill's brother Joey, a former NFL player, turns himself into police to prevent Wanda from facing prison.

Sarah joins an ex-Mormon support group to voice her frustrations over her family life, and meets Scott, a twenty-something-year-old whom she begins dating. Rhonda escapes Juniper Creek and manipulates her way into staying with Sarah's friend and co-worker, Heather; she then begins manipulating and blackmailing Heather and her family in order to help forge a career as a singer. Wanda is released from a psychiatric institute after Alby's poisoning, and Lois attempts to persuade Joey to take a second wife, Kathy.Bigoalso Bigo bya Mugenyiis an extensive alignment of ditches and berms comprising ancient earthworks located in the interlacustrine region of southwestern Uganda.

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Situated on the southern shore of the Katonga RiverBigo is best described as having two elements. The first consists of a long, irregular ditch and bank alignment with multiple openings that effectively creates an outer boundary by connecting to the Kotanga River in the east and the Kakinga swamp to the west. Toward its eastern end the outer ditch branches further to the east to encompass a nearby crossing of the Katonga River. The second element consists of a central, interconnected group of four irregularly shaped ditch and bank enclosures that are connected to the Katonga River by a single ditch.

Three mounds are associated with the central enclosures; two within and one immediately to the west. When combined, the Bigo earthworks extend for more than 10 kilometers. Bigo was first documented in ; initially by Colonial District Commissioner D.

Baines and then followed by Major C. Hall who also completed the first map of the earthworks. A more comprehensive map of the earthworks was completed for the Uganda Protectorate Geological Survey by A. Combe in Following this, P. Shinnie excavated a series of trenches at Bigo in in order to investigate the purported connections between Bigo and Bacwezi legends as well as to identify the material culture of the people who built the earthworks.

In the fall ofM.

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Posnansky conducted further investigations at Bigo with the intent to "make as complete a survey as possible From these trenches Posnansky prepared sidewall illustrations characterizing the site's soils and exposing the construction history of the mounds and ditches.

Also recovered from the trenches were four charcoal samples that were submitted for radiometric dating and over 4, pottery sherds. Bigo is situated on the south shore of the Katonga River and is composed of an arcing, branched ditch and bank alignment encompassing both a smaller collection of enclosure as well as a crossing of the Katonga River. The outer ditches have a maximum width of more than 10 meters, range in depth from 1.

Combined, the outer ditches run for more than 6 kilometers and encompass over hectares [1] with topography ranging from lowlands to a hilly area rising more than 4, feet. Situated on high ground within the outer boundary are four connected enclosures Enclosures 1 and 2 are the largest of the group and share a northwest-southeast aligned ditch having two openings and that is only partially banked on the north side.

Enclosures 3 and 4 are smaller and connected to the eastern ends of 1 and 2 respectively with a single opening between the large and small enclosures. Enclosures 1, 2, and 4 each have two external openings, while enclosure 3 only has one external opening. When measured from the base of the ditch to the top of the adjacent bank, the inner enclosures measure from 4 to 7 meters high.

Of note, Mound III is positioned such that the western ditch of Enclosure 2 was constructed to avoid it. A single ditch and bank originating at the northwest corner of Enclosure 2 runs in a northeasterly direction and terminates at the Katonga River.

bigo wiki

Beginning in the colonial period when they were first discovered by Europeans and continuing through to the s, the Bigo earthworks have been interpreted as defensive fortifications constructed to protect from invasion; however this interpretation most likely resulted from the experiences of war stemming from the Bunyoro - Buganda conflicts of the s, British forts constructed elsewhere in western Uganda, and World War I. A number of factors contradict the interpretation that the earthworks were constructed to protect from human invaders, foremost among them is the fact that the overall great length of the outer ditch system is such that it would be logistically impossible to guard.

Rather than protect from human invaders, it has been suggested that Bigo's outer earthworks were constructed to keep elephants from damaging agricultural crops, while the central earthworks were constructed to protect the site's rulers from attack, while serving as places where trade goods were redistributed, as well as being demonstrations of organizational skills and having a symbolic function related to the power associated with those who lived within the earthworks.

The excavations at Bigo recovered more than 4, pottery sherds from both jars and pots, as well as six hearth kerbs, one pottery beadand iron artifacts consisting of a tanged arrowheadpart of a bracelet, a spear ferruleand a broken knife most likely used for reaping grain.

The pottery vessels predominantly consisted of coarse ware with fewer examples of fine ware recovered. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Bigo disambiguation.

Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa. The Uganda Journal. Sembabule District. Mawogola County Lwemiyaga County. Bigo bya Mugenyi River Katonga.Bigo Live is a live streaming platform. David Li was a journalist prior to entering the technology industry and Jason Hu had worked for many technology giants before the creation of BIGO Technology. The AI features are used to enhance user engagement and experience during live streaming.

Viewers can support their favorite broadcasters with in-app gifts. In NovemberMonthly active users of the company's apps reached over million globally.

In Marchit ranked 6th in the United States and 5th worldwide for streaming apps, based on total in-app purchase revenue. In Junethe Government of India banned BIGO with 58 other Chinese origin apps citing data and privacy issues and added that it was a threat to the sovereignty and security of the country.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bigo Live Type of site. Retrieved BBC News. Aug 5, April 17, January 25, South China Morning Post. April 7, Archived from the original on April 7, Retrieved May 13, India Today. The Economic Times.

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